A Smashing Success!

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for a listen to 2 songs recorded live at the party (Estrogen and I Got A Buick - the other songs are from the CD.) I had intended to have a live recording of Toyko Stomp with the audience playing kazoos (which was the big finale). Unfortunately, the 50 member kazoo band didn't come out too well.  Instead of sounding like a room full of kazoos, which I thought would be hilarious, it came out sounding more like a room full of angry geese, so I thought better of posting it.

BONUS!  For those die-hard fans, I've made Estrogen and I Got A Buick downloadable from this site.  They were recorded on a single source hand held digital recorder, so if quality is your thing, take a pass.  But if you just can't wait for the next CD, and MUST have a copy of these two songs now, these are for you!

AND to take a look at some photos, go to UPCOMING GIGS. 

A HUGE "Thank You" to everyone who made it out to the CD Release party at Val's in Oak Park. Kudos must go to the Groovy Guys who joined me on stage; Don Stiernberg, Mark Furlong and of course, Mark Doyle - couldn't have done it without them, (and wouldn't have wanted to), not to mention Val and Shayne who hosted the party for me.
Thanks again everbody!  You guys are the greatest!

WGN Radio interview, May 10, 2009