1. Tokyo Stomp


You have your Bela Lugosi, a man of rare breed<br />
Who made love to the starlet&rsquo;s while we watched them bleed<br />
And hairy old werewolves of old London town<br />
And King Kong who learned what goes up must come down<br />
But I&rsquo;ve found a monster who makes my heart race<br />
He&rsquo;s eighty feet tall and has scales on his face<br />
<br />
Oh baby, I got a date this Saturday night<br />
He&rsquo;s tall and green and he knows how to fight<br />
He&rsquo;s a real tough cookie if you know what I mean<br />
A regular nuclear stomping machine<br />
He&rsquo;s a little rough edged if you get my gist<br />
Not much of a conversationalist <br />
But dim the lights and I get giddy<br />
I&rsquo;m talking &lsquo;bout the boy from Tokyo city<br />
<br />
Me and Godzilla this Saturday, oh my, who&rsquo;d have ever thunk<br />
That I would have found my baby with the Japanese navy<br />
Doing the Tokyo Stomp<br />
<br />
Oh I never thought much of Jane<br />
Swinging through the jungle in some skimpy thing<br />
Hanging onto Tarzan like a girl gone loco<br />
Who could get excited &lsquo;bout a guy that yodel&rsquo;s<br />
Give me a big freak instead<br />
Beady red eyes on the side of his head<br />
Just the sight of him sets a girls head spinnin&rsquo;<br />
Knock him down and he comes up grinnin&rsquo;<br />
<br />
Me and Godzilla this Saturday no half-naked jungle romp<br />
Takin&rsquo; the place of my baby and I don&rsquo;t mean maybe<br />
Doing the Tokyo Stomp<br />
<br />
We&rsquo;ll have the wedding down by Tokyo<br />
Then honeymoon up in the Poconos<br />
I&rsquo;ll wear white, he&rsquo;ll be nude, my relatives will think he&rsquo;s rude<br />
But I know better, here&rsquo;s the truth<br />
He&rsquo;s really just a great big over grown newt<br />
<br />
Our love was meant to be<br />
Cause all great things come from the sea<br />
I could never face the horror if he ever said Sayonara<br />
Together hand in hand living large in monster land<br />
He loves me, I love him, its love on the Pacific Rim<br />
<br />
It&rsquo;s me and Godzilla this Saturday<br />
I can&rsquo;t wait to take that jump<br />
And it&rsquo;ll be me and my baby and I don&rsquo;t mean maybe<br />
Doing the Tokyo, living in Kocomo, doing the Tokyo stomp<br />